Hearing Aid Supply & Fitting

In the case that you have been diagnosed with a hearing loss that cannot be medically treated, your audiologist will recommend that you are fitted with hearing aids. Hearing aids can make a world of difference in once life if the correct technology and style is chosen.

It might seem like just an amplification system that should be universally compatible to everyone’s needs, but there is so much more to hearing aids that meet the eye… Just as each person has individual needs in different aspects of once life; it is no different to hearing. Each one of us has specific individual needs concerning hearing.

Some may find a sound to be not really noticeable whereas someone else might find it irritating as a noise and yet another person might find that exact same sound to be pleasant. Therefor it is extremely important to take the time and select a hearing aid that will suit our own specific needs. Lizelle Gouws Practise provides a wide variety of hearing aid brands.

Once all the different options have been discussed and you have made an informed decision, your hearing aid(s) will be ordered and fitted. Included will be a number of free follow-up sessions to make sure you are comfortable with your new hearing aids and to make finer adjustments to the settings and answer any questions that you may still have at this point regarding the use of your hearing aids.